The Measure Type on a Recipe Item record, or any Item record, can be updated by copying the record, changing the Measure Type and Unit of Measure, and saving the record. If the old record will no longer be used, it can be deleted from the system. 

Changing the Measure Type

Navigate to and double-click the desired Recipe Item record from the Recipes listing.


When it opens, hover over the 'Action' menu and click 'Copy'. This will create a duplicate Recipe Item record.

On this record, the following will need to be updated:

  1.  The 'Measure Type' field will be editable until the record is saved. Update the 'Measure Type' on the 'General' tab to the correct option. 
  2.  The following fields on the 'Recipe' tab will need to reflect the new 'Measure Type' selection:
    • 'Yield Qty'
    • 'Yield U of M'
    • 'Portion Size'
    • 'Portion U of M'

Once these changes are made, ensure to save the record. Now, both the original Recipe record and its copy Recipe record will be listed in the Recipes listing.

How do I delete a duplicate Recipe record?

After copying a Recipe and updating its Measure Type, the original Recipe record should be deleted. 

To delete this record, first navigate to the 'Recipes On' tab of the original Recipe record. The Recipes that this Recipe is included as an ingredient on will be listed on this tab. Click into each Recipe listed to open its Recipe record.

On this Recipe record, navigate to the 'Ingredients' tab and find the Recipe record that should be deleted. Click the trash can icon listed at the end of the corresponding ingredient row to remove it.

In the 'Select Item' field above the Ingredients grid, enter the name of the newly copied Recipe record. Include it in the grid by clicking the 'Add' button at the end of the row. Ensure to save the updated record.

Repeat these steps for all Recipes listed on the 'Recipes On' tab of the original Recipe record.

When all Recipes are updated, navigate back to the original Recipe record, hover over 'Save', and click 'Delete'. This will remove the Recipe record from R365. If issues arise during deletion, click here to troubleshoot why the record was not deleted.

The copied Recipe record can then have the '[COPY]' description removed from its name and saved.