The Sales Tickets page displays all Sales data by receipt number, date, day, server, service type, etc. These Tickets can be filtered to review DSS mappings and validation to ensure that the GL Accounts are getting the appropriate totals. Sales Ticket data can also be used in Ad-Hoc Reporting for advanced reporting purposes.

To review additional details for a single Sales Ticket, open the Sales Ticket Record by double-clicking the desired row.

Sales Ticket Record

The Sales Ticket Record contains the Sales data for the Ticket organized into the following tabs:

  • Note: The Sales Ticket is view-only and cannot be edited


The General tab contains summary information for the Sales Ticket, such as Date, Server, Location, and Totals. 

Sales Details

The Sales Details tab contains information for the Menu Items sold on the Sales Ticket, including Menu Item name, Sales Account Category, Entree Multiplier, Quantity, and Amount.

Payment Details

The Payment Details tab contains information for the Payments applied to the Sales Ticket, including the Payment Type, Amount, Daily Sales Summary, Date, Is Exception, and Location. 

Print a Sales Ticket

Sales Tickets can be printed by clicking the 'Print' action button on the left-hand side of the header.

The printed version of the Sales Ticket displays a breakdown of each Menu Item, along with its price.