All of the information entered into Restaurant365 is neatly organized in lists by module. You can adjust these lists to display the specific data needed for a quick view into list details.

Viewing Lists

Lists in R365 are organized by module, which can be selected from the Module selector located just under your instance's logo. The following modules are available in the system and are included based on your contract:

  • Accounting
  • Smart Operations
  • Franchising
  • Catering
  • Scheduling (In Smart Operations)
  • Manager Log

Each module contains multiple lists, organized into categories in the left navigation pane. Clicking into each of the categories will open its list on the main screen. As shown above, by clicking 'Vendors' under 'Accounts Payable' in the Accounting module, the Vendors list is then displayed. Almost all categories in R365 will open to a listing, except for a few actionable categories, such as Reporting and Calendars.

The columns in each list can be easily moved around and even added/removed from the list view. To learn more about creating new saved list views, review the Working with List Views training article. If a list needs to be exported, click the Export iconlocated above the grid and below your username to download an Excel file with the displayed list's details.