You can easily pay a portion of an AP Invoice by following the same steps as making a Manual Payment. Create a new AP Payment and, while completing the header, enter in the total amount that you wish to apply to your invoices.

Any Approved AP Invoices that are entered for the same Vendor and same Location will be listed in the 'Apply' grid.  Check the 'Apply' checkbox to apply the AP Payment to an existing AP Invoice.

  • Note: If an invoice appears with a grayed out checkbox, it is due to the invoice being partially applied to the payment before being placed on hold. Click here to learn more about Payment Holds

Finally, you can either 'Save and Close' for further review or 'Approve and Close' to show that this payment is ready to be printed. If your Permissions allow, you can also print a check from the 'Action' menu on this screen. Click here to learn more information on Printing Checks.