Checks can be voided from the AP Transaction record.

  1. On the AP Transactions page, locate the transaction to void.
  2. Select the link in the Number column to open the desired transaction.
  3. Hover over the Action menu and select Void
  4. In the Void prompt, select a date on which to create a voiding transaction then select Void to confirm.
    The voiding transaction is the reversal entry to the void, allowing the updated bank account balance to be matched in Bank Activity while also documenting that a void occurred within the system.
    Do not delete the Void or the voiding transactions as they cancel each other out. 
    Select the date accordingly:
    • Select the same date as original transaction if you want the result to resemble a 'delete' but leave an audit trail.
    • Select a future date if you want to make sure the numbers in a prior period are not impacted by the reversal.
  5.  Go to Bank Activity and match the void to the deposit from your vendor.
  6.  Open Bank Reconciliation to ensure the void and voiding transactions tie out accordingly.

If the desired AP Transaction was reconciled before voiding or if you have any questions about reconciling, reach out to R365 Support for additional help. For a more detailed explanation of this process, view the Voiding a Transaction training article.