Employee Custom Fields are unique fields that provide additional details about each Employee hired through R365 Hire. These details are then included on the Employee record

Creating Employee Custom Fields

Navigate to Account Settings by clicking 'Account' in the Onboarding module and then 'Settings'. This will open a listing of all Settings.

Scroll down to 'Employee Custom Fields' to view a listing of all User-created custom fields. These can be easily edited by clicking the 'Edit' iconor deleted by clicking the 'Delete' iconnext to the desired field(s).

To create a new custom field, click the 'Add Employee Custom Field' button.

An 'Add New Employee Custom Field' modal will appear where field information, including Name, Type, Visibility, and Prefill Options, can be entered to define this field. Additionally, a 'Required' checkbox is included to label this new field as a required field on the Employee record if checked.