Employee Training can be tracked in R365 from the point of Onboarding to a promotion as Manager. Each training can be tracked in different parts of R365:

  • Manager Log - Managers can enter training notes through the Manager Log for any type of training, which will then be saved on the 'Employee Note' tab of the Employee record
  • R365 Hire - Your Human Resources team can assign Onboarding Tasks to both New Hires and their Managers, which can be viewed and tracked via the Onboarding Dashboard
  • R365 Payroll - Any Employee training, including outside content, can be tracked in R365 Payroll through the creation of Training Courses 
  • Academy Progress Report - This report tracks the amount of Academy Lessons the Employee views in the R365 Academy. These lessons instruct the Employee on how to navigate and use R365

Manager Log 

Managers can track Employee training by creating training notes through the Manager Log, which will also be saved on the corresponding Employee record. These can be set up easily by creating a Log Category for each type of Training.

Step 1: Create Log Categories for Employee Training

A New Log Category should be created for each Employee training that you want to track. Enter in the name of the training and the description about the training. For the 'Default Link To' field, select 'Employee', which will enable entries to tie back to the corresponding Employee records. Finally, select the desired Location(s) that will utilize this Log Category and the Location name(s) will transition into the 'Active Locations' grid.

  • Note: This can be included on the Daily Overview screen if desired but is not necessary.

When completed, save and close the Log Category. Ensure that you create a Log Category for each Employee training you want to track.

Step 2: Enter in Trainer Tasks

All Log Categories will be displayed in the Logs View for all active Locations. Open the Logs View to make entries for each training completed by the Employee. Select the desired Location from the 'Locations' field and then the desired training in the Logs View to open the corresponding training's Entry Type column.

The Entry Type column is where all Notes in regards to this training are organized. Because often times another Manager will lead the training, creating a Task can help structure the entries made. To begin, create a Task by clicking the '+ Task' button in the top header of this listing.

The 'Task Form' modal will appear where the details about this step of training can be entered. When completed, click 'Save and Close'.

The User-created Task will be listed in the Entry Type column. From here, enter in the other Trainer Tasks that will need to be completed by the Trainer.

Step 3: Enter in Training Notes

All Training Notes will appear on the Employee record and are organized by Task for additional tracking purposes. To create a Note, double-click the desired Task in the Entry Type column.

The Task Form will open where the details of the Task can be viewed. Below the 'Upload File' button, click '+ Note' to create a Note.

The Note will open in a new modal where the details about that Training Step can be entered in the open text box or uploaded through the 'Upload File' button. In the 'Category and Links' section, ensure that you select the Employee who will receive this Note on their Employee record.

Once the Note is saved, additional entries can be made for other Employees who took part in the training. These Notes will then be saved and tracked on the 'Employee Note' tab of the Employee record.

R365 Hire and R365 Payroll

Employee training can be tracked in both R365 Payroll and R365 Hire, but in different capacities and for different purposes. 

R365 Hire can track the Onboarding process, allowing the Hiring Manager to make notes and send Onboarding Checklists that both the Employee and their Manager need to complete. Once all tasks are complete, the newly onboarded Employee will no longer be marked as in Onboarding.

Once an Employee is hired, their Employee record will automatically populate in R365 Payroll, if included in your contract. From here, HR can set up any necessary Training Courses that help to track Employee advancement in a certain position within your Organization. These are User-defined and only used for tracking purposes. Click here to learn more about Training Courses.

Academy Progress Report

Employees can utilize the Academy to help them learn the different functions of Restaurant365. As Employees transition to each new lesson, they will take quizzes that will track their progress, which is tracked in the Academy Progress Report. Viewing this report as of any selected date can disclose the progress of your Managers as they learn how to use R365.