When you begin your implementation with R365, your Coach will provide you with the necessary information to log in to Monday.com. Monday.com is a platform where you can view all of the topics and tasks that will be covered in your Implementation and Onboarding processes. All call recordings, helpful article links, validation files, and more will be stored through Monday.com and can be accessed at any time. 

Adding a Comment or Uploading a File

You will often have homework to complete to demonstrate your understanding of a skill that was reviewed on your previous call with your Coach. 

Homework can easily be submitted by clicking the Conversation icon next to the corresponding task.

This will open a modal where all task files and comments are listed on the 'Updates' tab. Comments and questions can be entered on this tab easily through the 'Write an update' field.

To upload a file, navigate to the 'Info Boxes' tab and click 'Add Files'. Files can then added for your Coach to review.