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On the POS Accounts tab of the POS Mapping Tool, all POS Accounts can be easily viewed and filtered by their Account Type, Unmapped Status, or a User-defined term. Additionally, the user can view details about each POS Account, including a link to the Daily Sales Summary that brought in that account, directly from the account list.

Users have the ability to update the Account Settings for each POS Account from this page as needed. Learn more about this process below.

Update POS Account Settings

POS Account settings can be easily updated by opening up the desired POS account details.

To do so, navigate to the POS Accounts tab of the POS Mapping Tool and filter the page to locate the desired account. The list can be filtered using the Search Bar or by selecting one of the following views:

  • All - Displays all POS Accounts.
  • Unmapped - Displays only unmapped POS Accounts.
  • Sales - Displays only Sales Accounts.
  • Payment - Displays only Payment Types.
  • Job - Displays only Job Titles.

When the desired account appears in the list, double-click the account line item to open the Edit sidesheet.

From the Edit sidesheet, users can update the following settings based on the selected POS Account Type:

  • Payment Type
    • GL Account
    • Payment Group 
    • Credit Card Group (appears only when Credit Card Combined is selected as the Payment Group)
    • Customer (appears only when House Account is selected as the Payment Group)
    • Exception Checkboxes (Payments flagged as Exceptions appear on the Flash Report)
      • Note: Click here for more details about the available Payment Type settings.
  • Sales Account
    • GL Account
    • Sales Account Type
      • Note: Click here for more details about the available Sales Account settings.
  • Job Title
    • GL Account
      • Note: GL Accounts are assigned to jobs on the Job record.

The account Information provided can only be viewed as these are details brought in from the POS. Any updates made to the POS account settings should be saved before closing the sidesheet.

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