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Users can change their R365 login password from the employee profile screen of the R365 App. Once updated, the changes will automatically go into effect, and the new password can be used to log in to the web or mobile version of R365. 


Employee User Profile

Users can update their password from the employee profile. Employees can access their profile in the R365 App by tapping the employee profile image from the menu or by navigating to the Schedule and tapping the Profile tab.

 Most personal information is updated by managers in the system, but the following is available from the employee profile: 

  • Employee name and profile photo
  • All assigned locations
  • Employee contact information
  • Weekly availability
  • Time off requests
  • Update password

Update Password

To update or change a password, navigate to the employee profile screen, then follow these steps:

Tap Update Password from the employee profile options.
Enter the current password.
Enter a new password. Then, confirm the new password.
Tap Confirm to confirm the password update. 
Once confirmed, users will receive a notification that the password has been updated successfully.

Resetting User Passwords

When a password is lost or forgotten, click Forgot Password from the login screen of the R365  App. Users will then receive an email with a temporary password can be used to log in. Once logged in, the user will automatically navigate to the password screen where they must enter their temporary password, then enter and confirm a new password.