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Updating Your Availability

Your Profile

You can access your profile in the R365 App from any screen by tapping the 'Profile' button. While your personal information will be updated by your Managers in the system, the following is available from your profile: 

This article focuses on updating a User password from the R365 Red App.

Update Password

You can easily update your password from the User profile. The User profile can be opened by clicking the menuicon in the top left corner of the dashboard and then clicking your name.

Your profile will appear with details about your work and the functions available to you as an App User. 

To change your login password, click 'Update Password'. On the following screen, enter and confirm your new password. Ensure that the passwords match and click 'Confirm' to save your new password. If you decide not to update your password, click 'Cancel' and no changes will be made.

Resetting User Passwords

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to click 'Forgot Password' on the login screen of the R365 Red App. You will then receive an email with a temporary password that you can use to log in. The following screen will appear upon login.

If you are an Employee, you will simply enter your temporary password followed by your new password before clicking 'Confirm' to update your password. Managers may have password requirements to follow when creating a new password. If you are a Manager, enter your temporary password and then ensure that your new password fits the listed criteria before confirming your new password.

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