You can delete a GL Account or mark it as inactive, depending on what works best for your organization; however, due to the way the system is setup, it is recommended to delete any unused GL Accounts.

  • Delete the GL Account - The GL Account can be easily deleted by hovering over the 'Save' menu and clicking 'Delete'. This will remove the GL Account from your instance.
  • Mark the Account as Inactive- There is not a designated 'Inactive' checkbox on the GL Account, but it can have restricted use in your instance. To do so, complete the following steps:
    1.  Change GL Account Name - Include the 'DO NOT USE' phrase after the GL Account Name to make other Users aware that this GL Account should not be applied to any transaction in the system
    2.  Check the 'Subtotal - Disable Entry' Checkbox - Checking this will prevent this account from being displayed on AP Invoice Screens
    3.  Uncheck the 'Available to Managers' Checkbox - If this is checked already, uncheck it so that no non-Accounting Users will be able to select this account when entering invoices or recording Paid Outs on the Daily Sales Summary
    4.  Check the 'Control Account - Prevent Manual Journal Entries' Checkbox - Checking this will prevent this GL Account from appearing in the Account Lookup Selector in the Journal Entry screen when a Journal Entry is manually created