The 'Full Access' User Role provides Users with access to the entire system and all of its features, with no restrictions. 

When new features are added to the system, a 'Full Access' User will be able to navigate to and utilize the new feature upon release, regardless of module.

Who should have the 'Full Access' User Role?

Because this User Role provides the User with access to the entire system, it is recommended that only a System Admin User be assigned this User Role.

How does a User gain 'Full Access'?

The 'Full Access' User Role can be assigned via the Users page, the User's User Record, or the Security & Permissions page.

Users Page

User Roles can be updated via inline editing on the Users page

User Record

Updating the User Roles assigned to a specific User can be done on the Permissions tab of their User Record

Security & Permissions

The User Roles tab of the Security & Permissions page is used to view which Users have the selected User Role assigned to them, as well as update User Role assignments.