The Payments tab of System Preferences displays the setup status of R365 Payments and the users who will be contacted if issues arise with payments. If R365 Payments is not added to your R365 plan, then this tab does not appear in System Preferences. Click here to learn more about R365 Payments.

StatusThe setup status for R365 Payments. Statuses include:
  • Pending Account Setup - Pending user action to initiate Account Verification. Users must complete the following steps:
    1. Complete required fields on the Payments tab of System Preferences.
    2. Complete required fields on all Vendor records and Bank Account records.
  • Pending Account Verification - All required fields are complete and ready to be verified.
  • Enabled - All required fields are verified and payments are ready to be sent.
Contact NameA searchable field that displays all R365 Users for the instance. The selected users are notified if any issues arise with R365 Payments.

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