In order to help with a smooth Year End, APS Payroll has you covered! The following documents provide valuable information to ensure final Payroll Batches are completed and submitted on time and all Tax Forms are reviewed, edited, and approved before their deadline.

APS Payroll: Final Payroll Submission Dates 2021

This article reviews all payroll deadlines in order for your Employees to receive their last paycheck of 2021 on time and without delay. Click here to learn more about Final Payroll Submission Dates 2021.

APS Payroll: Tax Form Deadlines

This article reviews the necessary deadlines for reviewing, editing, and approving Tax Forms so that they can be printed and shipped out on time. Click here to learn more about Tax Form Deadlines.

APS Payroll: Year-End Dashboard

The Year-End Dashboard is where all Tax Forms are listed for review and approval. Additionally, Form Statuses can be viewed from this dashboard in order to show the stage of Tax Form Processing. Click here to learn more about the Year-End Dashboard.

APS Payroll: Tax Form Edits and Distribution

This article explains the process of reviewing, editing, approving, and rejecting Tax Forms. Click here to learn more about Tax Form Edits and Distribution.

R365  Payroll: Import Box 12 Health Amounts

This article reviews the process of importing all aggregated Health Amount contributions from over the past year, if not already entered in APS Payroll. Click here to learn more about Importing Box 12 Health Amounts.

APS Payroll: Paperless W2s

This article explains how Employees can opt to receive Electronic W2s and how Employers can restrict an Employee's access to view their W2s online via eSELFSERVE. Click here to learn more about Paperless W2s.

APS Payroll: Print & Ship W2s

W2s can either be printed and shipped to your Organization or your Organization has the option to print and ship W2s remotely. Click here to learn more about Printing & Shipping W2s.

APS Payroll: Year-End ACA Reporting

This article reviews the four step process to report health insurance information in compliance with the Affordable Cares Act. Click here to learn more about Year-End ACA Reporting.