If your Organization is not withholding Employee amounts and tracking the Employer amount on the applicable deduction, then the information for Box 12 should be manually uploaded. This information is required for ACA reporting.

Ensure to review all Employee W2s for any issues outside of editable fields before importing Box 12 Health Amounts. When forms are rejected, all manual updates will be lost. Click here to learn more about reviewing and editing Tax Forms.

Note: Aggregated Health Amounts can be tracked by entering in the Employee and Employer contributions per pay period for the Scheduled Deduction on the Employee record. This will be automatically tracked throughout the year and added to the W2 without the need to update via import for the upcoming year.

Enter Template Information

Download the W2 Box 12 Health Amounts Template to begin entering in Health Benefit information for your Employees.

When entering in the information, include only the Employees' Social Security Numbers (dashes required) and the aggregated Health Amount, or the amount that both the Employee and Employer contributed. Ensure the following for a successful import:

  • Do not include dollar signs or commas in the amounts
  • There must only be one entry per Social Security Number
  • The Social Security Numbers in the template must also exist in the Employee W2 records in APS Payroll

Ensure to save the file as a CSV.

Import Template in Payroll

Navigate to the Year-End Dashboard and click 'Import Box 12 Code DD Amounts (Health)' to open the 'Import Box 12 Code DD Amounts' modal. 

The W2 Box 12 Health Amounts Template can also be downloaded from this modal at any time. To import an updated version of this template, click 'Continue' and select the file via the 'Browse' button. Once the file has been selected, click 'Upload' to update all entered Employees' Health Amounts.

  • Note: The imported amounts will replace any previously entered amounts for those respective Employees.