This is a part of the Mobile Inventory Counts feature. Click here to learn about Mobile Inventory Counts via the R365 Red App.

Users with managerial access can create and enter Inventory Counts via the R365 Red App. While entering in item quantities, all progress is saved and displayed visually for both individual Storage Locations and the entire count. Any discrepancies that exist between the previous count and the current count will display an alert flag that can then be examined and corrected, if necessary, before marking the count as ready for approval.

After a count is marked as 'Completed', Users with approval access will need to review and approve the count from a web browser. 

Click here for a printable guide on Inventory Counts in the R365 Red App.

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Create an Inventory Count

An Inventory Count can be created by clicking thebutton at the bottom of the Inventory Counts list.

When the new count opens, enter in the following fields and begin the count, as described below.

1) Location - The Location that will be taking the count, which will auto-populate to the User's default Location. By tapping this field, the User can select a different Location from a listing of all Locations that are assigned to them

2) Select Template - A listing of all Inventory Templates that are associated with the selected Location. This field will be inactive until a Location is selected. Once selected, the User can choose the desired template by tapping this field and then selecting the template from the listing

3) Date - The date that this count is taken. This is defaulted to the current day

4) Start New Count - This will start the count based on the selections made

5) Close - This will close the screen without saving the information entered

Enter Count Quantities

When the 'Start New Count' button is clicked, the screen will display an overview of the template. 

1) Storage Locations - A list of all Storage Locations on the selected template

2) Storage Location Entry Percentage - This percentage displays the percentage of count completion for the corresponding Storage Location. This will update as entries are made

3) Count Entry Percentage - This blue line visually displays the percentage of count completion for the entire Inventory Count. This will update as entries are made

4) Back - This will return the User to the previous screen at any point in the count process

5) Count Total - The total cost associated with the count. This will update as each quantity is entered

6) Completed - This marks the count as complete. This button will be inactive until all items are counted

Tap the first Storage Location to open a listing of all its related items.

All items will then be listed for the selected Storage Location. Select the first item to open the item details and then enter the correct amount of the item. 

Then, click 'Enter' to move to the next item or the next line, if listed. Users can also navigate to the next item by clicking the forward arrowlisted in the top corner of the window.  Users can easily swipe left or right to move forward or backward, respectively, between items, but doing so will not save the amount entered.

Users can move between Storage Locations by clicking the 'Back' and 'Next' buttons at the bottom of the Storage Location's items list. Ensure that all items are counted for each Storage Location.

Only Users with Barcode Scanning enabled will be able to see the Scanner buttons on the Inventory Count list and the Item Count screen. 

 Note: Barcode Scanning is currently only available to Early Adopters. Contact your CSM or R365 Support to learn about how Barcode Scanning can enhance your R365 experience! 

Adding Recently Added Items to Count Locations

When a new Purchased Item added to the template since the Count Template was last used, Users will receive a 'Recently Added' notification upon starting a new Inventory Count that indicates new Item(s) have been added. Users will then be prompted to add the Item to a Storage Location before proceeding with the count. 

To add the Item(s) to a Storage Location, tap the  button. This will open the 'Recently Added' list. When an Item is tapped, the 'Add to Location' slide out will appear with the list of Storage Locations. Tap the appropriate Storage Location(s), then tap 'Add Item' to add the Item to the Storage Location.

Users will be notified that the Item has been added to the Count Template and can begin the Inventory Count. 

Edit Items

To add, remove, or rearrange items from an Inventory Count, first tap 'Edit' listed in the top, right corner of the Store Location's items list. The 'Remove' and '+ Add Item' buttons will then appear in the bottom of the screen, and the rearrange icons will be listed at the end of each item row.

Add Items

The process of adding items to a Storage Location can be done by tapping the '+ Add Item' button. On a new screen, enter in the name of the item in the Item selector field and then choose the item from the drop-down listing. The 'Item Position' will update to the last item in the list, but can be adjusted by order number here or by rearranging the items within the Storage Location's items list.

Ensure to click 'Add Item' on this screen to add the item to the listing. Users will be prompted to confirm whether to 'Add Item only to Count' or 'Add Item to Count and Template.' Once a selection is made, the Item will be added successfully. 

Once all necessary items are included, tap 'Done' in the top, right corner above the items list to exit 'Edit' mode.

Remove Items

The items in the listing will be selectable when 'Edit' it tapped. Select the items that should be removed and then click the 'Remove' button below the listing. When all necessary items are deleted, tap 'Done' in the top, right corner above the item's list to exit 'Edit' mode.

Rearrange Items

Items can be easily rearranged in the R365 Red App once 'Edit' is tapped by dragging and dropping the rearrange icon at the end of the item's row where needed.

When items are listed in the correct order, ensure to click 'Done' in the top, right corner above the item's list to exit 'Edit' mode.

Review the Count

Once all count entries are made, ensure to review the count for items that are marked with an alert flag.

Items will appear in red and display an alert flag next to the item when there is a discrepancy with the entry quantity. These discrepancies will arise when one of the following occur:

  • 'Less than Half' - This will display if the entry is half or less of the item quantity from the last count
  • 'More Than Twice' - This will display if the entry is double or more of the item quantity from the last count
  • '0 Quantity' - This will display when '0' was entered for this count but had a quantity entered in the last count

In addition to this, an alert flag will appear in the top, right corner of the Storage Location screen to display that potential issues exist within the count. These items should be reviewed and can be updated if needed by tapping the item line and editing the entry. Items without issues will display a checkmark

Move on to the next Storage Location by clicking thebutton at the bottom of the count screen or by clicking the back button in the top left corner of the screen to return to the Storage Locations list.

Complete the Count

When all entries are made, return to the Storage Locations list and click 'Complete'. This will save the count and lock Restaurant Managers from making any additional changes. This count will then move to the 'Complete' tab where it can be approved by higher level access Users.

Inventory Count Variances Notice

When Inventory Count Variances is enabled, Users will be prompted with the following message when attempting to Complete a Count:

When this occurs, Users will need to review the Inventory Count Variances via web before Completing the Inventory Count. Read more about reviewing Inventory Count Variances, here