This is a part of the Manager Tools feature of the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

Announcements are used to communicate important messages to Employees. When an Announcement is created on either the Web Browser, R365 Classic App, or the R365 Red App Employees will be alerted of the message via the preferred contact method set on their Employee form. Announcements will also be displayed on the Dashboard of the R365 Red App.

Users with the necessary security access can create, edit, and delete Announcements. To read about creating and editing Announcements in the R365 Red App, click here.  To read about creating and editing Announcements via web, continue reading below. 

Create an Announcement - Web Browser

In the top right corner of the Manager Tools page, click the '+ Create' button and select 'Announcement'. A new Announcement form will open where the details of the Announcement should be entered. Click 'Create' within the modal to save the Announcement and add it to the Announcements list on the 'Announcements' tab.

1) Announcement - The contents of the Announcement as it will appear to Employees

2) Start Date - The date that the Announcement will automatically appear in the R365 Red App for Employees

3) Expiration Date - The date that the Announcement will stop appearing in the R365 Red App for Employees

4) Departments / Job - The Department(s) and/or Job(s) that will receive this Announcement. If more than one Location is selected for this Announcement, this field will not be available

  • Note: Jobs excluded from the Schedule will not be available for Announcements

5) Available Locations - This box enables the User to search for, select, and add the Locations that will receive this Announcement. Learn how to add Locations in below

6) Applied Locations - This box displays the Locations that were selected to receive this Announcement. Users can search for specific Locations and then remove the Location or add additional Locations to the existing list by following the steps below

7) Alert Employee - This will alert the selected Employees via text or email and save the Announcement. Employees from the selected Location(s) and the selected Department(s) / Job(s) can be chosen to receive the Announcement via the Employee selector in this modal. By default, all Employees will be selected but can be deselected as needed

8) Create Another - When checked, a new form will open once 'Create' (#9) is clicked

9) Create - This will save the Announcement without alerting any Employees and add it to the Announcements list on the 'Announcements' tab

10) Upload - This enables the User to upload a photo that relates to the Announcement. This photo, along with the Announcement statement (#1), are the only parts of this record that will be visible to Employees 

11) Help Menu - This will open the Help Menu, which includes multiple resources that can assist in creating an Announcement

12) Full Screen - This will expand the modal to full screen. Clicking the minimize icon in its place will return the modal back to its original size

13) Close - This will close the modal without saving

Add Locations

All Locations that should receive this Announcement will need to be selected from the 'Available Locations' box and added to the 'Applied Locations' box. Locations can be added in three ways:

  • Add All - Users can click the '+ Add All' button to add all Available Locations

  • Select and Add - Select all necessary Locations and then click the '+ Add Selected' button

  • Individually Add - Add individual Locations by clicking the plus signnext to the desired Location(s)

Remove Locations

If a Location was originally selected to receive an Announcement but no longer needs to be included, it can be removed from the 'Applied Locations' box by repeating similar steps to that of adding Locations. Locations can be removed in three ways:

  • Remove All - Users can click the '- Remove All' button to remove all Locations selected for the Announcement

  • Select and Remove Select all Locations that need to be removed and then click the '- Remove Selected' button

  • Individually Remove - Remove individual Locations by clicking the delete signnext to the desired Location(s)

Create an Announcement - R365 Classic App

Users can create Announcements from the R365 Classic Black App. After logging in, open the main menu and click on 'Scheduling' to load the Scheduling Module.

Next, click 'Announcements' to load the Announcements list.

The most recent Announcement will be listed when the page loads. Click '+ New' in the top, right corner to open the New Announcement page and create the Announcement.