On GL account records, you may have noticed two options that seem similar:

  • Subtotal - Disable Entry
  • Control Account - Prevent Manual Journal Entries

The first determines if the account is available when selecting accounts throughout the AP processes in the system. If an account is marked as 'Disable Entry', it won't appear as a selectable account on AP Invoices screens. You can learn more about GL Accounts: Disable Entry here.

In contrast, 'Control Account - Prevent Manual Journal Entries' designates the account as a Control Account and prevents it from appearing in the 'Account Lookup' Selector on the Journal Entry screen when a Journal Entry is manually created. Marking certain accounts as Controlled Accounts can help to reconcile accounts faster and reduce the time required to close a fiscal period. 

  • Note: System-generated entries, such as an AP Invoice, are not affected by this setting. A user can view a system-generated entry that is using a Controlled Account, but cannot make an update to the entry by adding a row using a Controlled Account or edit an existing row to use the Control Account.

You can learn more about GL account record settings here.