This is a part of the AP Invoices feature of Smart Ops. Click here to learn more about Smart Ops.

The 'Link Purchase Order' button within the 'New AP Invoice' sidesheet enables Users to link a Purchase Order to an AP Invoice directly from the AP Invoice. Once clicked, Users can preview and then choose the desired Purchase Order based on the Location or the Location and Vendor selected. A linked Purchase Order will then populate the AP Invoice and display any issues between the AP Invoice and Purchase Order.

Note: Ensure Managers have the necessary AP Invoice Security to access this function.

Link Purchase Order

To link a Purchase Order to a new AP Invoice, click the 'Link Purchase Order' button within the 'New AP Invoice' sidesheet. A list of all available Purchase Orders will open.

  • Note: If a Vendor is selected before 'Link Purchase Order' is clicked, then only POs for that Vendor will be listed.

View the listing for the desired Purchase Order and click 'Link PO' next to it to populate the AP Invoice with its details. To view the details of a Purchase Order before linking it to the AP Invoice, click the PO Number of the corresponding Purchase Order.

  • Note: Once a PO is linked, it cannot be unlinked unless the AP Invoice is deleted.

The details of the Purchase Order will then be displayed in the 'Details' grid. Additional items can be added to this grid by clicking the '+ Add Item' button and entering the name of the item. Click here to learn more about adding items to the 'Details' grid.

Alerts Tab

If any issues arise between the Purchase Order and the AP Invoice, an 'Alerts' tab will appear. From this tab, Users can view the reasons for the alert, which include:

  • Item on PO Not on Invoice - The corresponding item is listed on the PO but not on the invoice
  • Item on Invoice Not on PO - The corresponding item is listed on the invoice but not on the PO
  • Price Difference from PO - The amount entered for the corresponding item's 'Each Amt' field is different between the invoice and the PO
  • Quantity Difference from PO - The corresponding item's UofM on the invoice does not match to the UofM on the invoice
  • Contract Violation [Description] - The corresponding item's 'Each Amt' is outside of the acceptable variance set for the contract price on the Vendor Item record
    • Note: This will only be enforced for an item with the same UofM on the invoice and PO

Click here to learn more about the 'Alerts' tab on the AP Invoice.