Restaurant365 and Craftable have teamed up to create a seamless invoice integration for mutual clients.

To take advantage of this integration, the following conditions must be met:

  1.  You have an active account set up with both Craftable and R365
  2.  You have already contacted your Craftable representative to set up this integration
    • Note: R365 Support is unable to do so on your behalf

Important Items to Note

  1. When setting up the integration, Craftable will request the following:
    • R365 FTP Credentials
    • R365 Store ID's (R365 Location Numbers)

  2.  Be prepared to update the Vendor naming convention within both platforms (R365 and Craftable) so that they are an exact match

  3.  Once Craftable has the integration setup completed and invoices are not being received for certain Vendors and/or Locations, it is best to first reach out to Craftable Support for assistance

  4. Craftable provides invoice images as part of the integration. If the invoice image does not appear within R365 after import, that would indicate that the invoice image was not available to Craftable or provided by the corresponding Vendor(s)

Craftable Invoice File

Craftable files are compatible with R365 and will directly import as individual AP Invoices when received in the system. Craftable submits their file within the R365 Account Summary Format with an added column for the invoice image URL.

Common FTP Error Messaging for Craftable Imports

Missing Vendor

This error occurs when an invoice file fails to import due to the Vendor naming convention not matching with how the Vendor is listed in R365. The naming convention must be exact including any characters within the name

Following 'Missing Vendor' within the error messaging is the Vendor naming convention within Craftable. Ensure to update the Vendor record within R365 to display this name.

Missing Location


This error occurs when an invoice file fails to import due to the Location number(s) not matching any of the current Locations listed in your R365 database.

Following 'Missing Location' within the error messaging is the Location number as it is listed in Craftable. Ensure to update the Location number within Craftable to display the correct Location number.

Further Guidance

Once the 'Missing Vendor' error message has been addressed by adding and/or updating the Vendor naming conventions within your R365 database, you can then manually reprocess the failed file(s) within R365 FTP. Click here for more information on how to reprocess files.