The Financial Dashboard provides a high level overview of key financial data so that your Accounting Admins and Managers can assess a store's financial standing for a given day, week, month, period, and/or year compared to the same time frame for a selected prior year without the need to run reports. 

Users with the necessary security access can build out Financial Dashboards for any User by updating their Report Role to include one or more Dashboard Widgets. Once access is provided, Users can begin analyzing the financial standing of one or more Restaurant Locations by updating the Date Settings and reviewing the widget data. Users also have the ability to customize and rearrange their dashboards as needed to make financial review quick and easy. Users can then create saved views of the dashboard to easily assess variations of financial data.

  • Note: Users who are not given access to dashboard widgets will not be able to access the dashboard.

Important Note

The Financial Dashboard is available for Customers who are currently utilizing Custom Financial Reports. If your Organization does not currently use Custom Financial Reports, contact your Coach/CSM or R365 Support to learn more about this add-on feature.


Users are granted access to viewing the Financial Dashboard as part of their Report Roles

  • Note: A User's P&L Cutoff selection will have an effect on the data displayed in each assigned widget. Click here to learn more about the P&L Cutoff.

Users can only gain access to the Financial Dashboard by having their Report Role updated to include Financial Dashboard widgets. 


Open the Financial Dashboard by clicking 'Financial Dashboard' under 'Reports' in the Accounting module.

  • Note: Users who are not assigned Dashboard Widgets via Report Role will not have 'Financial Dashboard' listed in the left navigation pane.

Financial Dashboard: Dashboard Widgets

The Financial Dashboard Widgets present the financial health of all Restaurant Locations through calculated algorithms and progress charts/icons. Click here to learn more about the widgets that make up the Financial Dashboard.

Financial Dashboard: Date Settings

The Financial Dashboard includes two date settings that work in conjunction with each other and that allow the most relevant data to be pulled for analysis. Click here to learn more about Date Settings.

Financial Dashboard: Customize the Dashboard

Once a User has access to the Financial Dashboard, they can customize the dashboard by rearranging its widgets. Click here to learn how to customize the Financial Dashboard.

Financial Dashboard: Saved Views

Saved views can be created of the Financial Dashboard in order to make reviewing a range of financial data easier with a simple switch of a dashboard view. Click here to learn how to create saved views.