This is a part of the Daily Sales feature in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

After reviewing the Labor step of the 'Review Summary' section of the Daily Sales, open the Deposits step where you will view any auto-imported Deposits from the POS and enter any additional Deposits for the DSS.

Once the Deposits step is complete, finalize the 'Review Summary' section by opening and reviewing the Transactions step.

Important Note – Till Management

If your Location has Till Management enabled, all deposits will need to be created and saved on the Till Management page. All deposits created on that page will be saved to the Deposits step of the corresponding Location's unapproved Daily Sales form. 

  • Note: It is important to note that deposits will only be saved on a Daily Sales form if that form is unapproved.

Users can create deposits by navigating to the Till Management page or by clicking 'Edit This Deposit' at the bottom of the Deposits step.

Deposits Step

All auto-imported Deposits will be listed on the Deposits step. The Auto-Import Tool will also perform a 'Deposit Lookback' for certain POS Systems in which the tool will look back to see if a Deposit was entered on the POS after the initial DSS import. If a value is found, it will be added to the Deposit value on the respective Unapproved DSS record. 

  • Note: If the Deposit value was already manually entered before the Deposit Lookback occurred, it will not overwrite the existing value.

From this step, enter in any cash, coins, and checks received. The Over/Short amount should be the same as reported in the daily closing report out of the POS. Once all details are entered correctly, move to the next step.

1) Deposits List - A list of all Deposits created for this DSS

2) + New Deposit - This will create a new Deposit form

  • Note: Users can enter up to 5 Deposits

3) Deposit Context Menu - This menu lists the 'Delete' action, which will remove the Deposit from the DSS record

4) Total Deposit - The total amount listed for the Deposit. This can be manually updated

5) Bill Counter - This box is where the User can enter the total amount of bills for each bill type that will be deposited. These amounts will be totaled automatically in the Total Cash field (#6) and will update the amount in the Total Deposit field (#4) 

  • Note: If preferred, Users can simply enter in the total amount of the Deposit via the Total Deposit field (#4)

6) Total Cash - The calculated total of the amount of bills entered for each bill type in the Bill Counter box (#5)

7) Total Coin - The total dollar amount of coins that will be deposited, if any

8) Total Check - The total dollar amount of all checks that will be deposited

9) Unpaid Cash Tips - The amount of Unpaid Cash Tips

10) Petty Cash - The amount of cash brought in or cashed out of Petty Cash

11) Close - This will minimize this step

Navigate to the Next Step

When all details are correct for a step, Users can navigate out of the step by clicking one of the following:

  1.  The 'Close X' button in the top, right corner of the step
  2.  The top ribbon of the step
  3.  Another step

Click here to learn about the next step – the Transactions step.