When documents are not entered by the AP Capture team, it is often due to the fact that the document is listed as having an issue. Whether a document was listed as previously having an issue or if the AP Capture Team recorded an issue on a document, they will not enter the invoice until the issue is corrected.

These issues will need to be corrected and marked as resolved before the AP Capture Team can enter in these invoices. It is recommended to review Documents to Process regularly to ensure that no document issues are waiting to be resolved.

View Document Issues

In the Documents to Process window, click the 'Issues' filterto view a listing of all documents with listed issues. These issues can be seen from the grid or by clicking the document's row.

Once a document is clicked, the document will populate the screen above the grid and list any document issues below the document image. Ensure to fix any listed issues and then mark them as resolved.

Mark an Issue as Resolved

To mark an issue as resolved, click the document from the 'Issues' grid and then, when it loads, click the 'x' icon next to the listed issue above the grid. This will remove that issue from the document. If more than one issue is listed for a document, ensure to fix and then remove all listed issues.

Once all issues are removed, the AP Capture Team will then be able to review and process the invoice. 

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