This is a part of the New Commissary module in the Smart Ops Release. Click here to learn more about the Smart Ops Release.

The Ordering Locations page lists all ordering locations created for commissary orders. Ordering Locations are Locations or Customers that are given the ability to create and place orders to designated Commissary Locations. Ordering Location forms house all details related to the days and times when Orders need to completed by and when they should be delivered. 

In addition to Cutoff Days and Times, Commissary Alerts can be enabled to send a notification to a specified Commissary User to submit an Order at a set amount of time before the Order is due. These users will then complete Order Guides via the Classic Commissary module.

This article reviews the following:

To learn more about the commissary module, reach out to your CSM. 


Open the Ordering Locations page by clicking Ordering Locations under Commissary in the left navigation pane of Smart Ops.

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Ordering Locations Page

+ Ordering Location

Click this button to add a new Ordering Location. Click here to learn how to create an Ordering Location.

SearchClick and type keywords to filter the ordering location list. 
Table Functions

The Table Actions including the following:

  • - Save/edit Table Views
  • - Filter Column information
  • - Rearrange table columns and select the Columns to display
  • - Export the table to a .csv file
  • - Refresh the table
Ordering Locations ListThe list of all ordering locations/customers.
Ordering LocationAn individual ordering location/customer and its information. Clicking an ordering location entry opens its ordering location form

Ordering Locations Grid Columns

Location/CustomerThe name of the location or customer 
NumberThe identifying number associated with the location/customer.
TypeWhether this ordering location is a Location or Customer. 
Commissary LocationThe commissary location assigned to the ordering location. 
Commissary Location NumberThe identifying number associated with the commissary location. 
Order GuidesThe order guides created for the commissary location. Clicking the order guides link will open the list of order guides. Clicking an order guide will open the order guide sidesheet. 
Delivery DaysThe day(s) that the order(s) will be delivered on. 

Adding an Ordering Location

From this page, users can add new ordering locations to create commissary orders. To read more about adding an ordering location and the ordering location form, click here.