Fast track month-end close by maintaining your daily To Do Checklist in R365 and never play catch up again! Because you are entering and approving transactions daily, you should be reviewing the Flash, Weekly Review – Location, and Overtime Warning reports every day to assess ways each Location can perform better. 

The nightly DSS poll from your POS contains tons of information at your fingertips. Send this guide to your Managers for reviewing the DSS and have them complete it every day. You will benefit by:

  • Maintaining up-to-date reporting and financials
  • Catching errors faster
  • Completing an easier period close
  • Identifying Sales trends
  • Controlling cash
  • Keeping your Operators informed

If you see a discrepancy in your DSS and need to troubleshoot, check out this webinar. The DSS review is one piece of the Daily To Do List. Use this list with links to relevant Support Center articles to help if you have questions about how to complete these tasks.

Now is a great time to review your User and Report Role setups to ensure each User has access to the parts of the software that they will need. Use these two articles for common Accounting and Restaurant Manager User Setups and Report Roles. These will need to be tailored based on these best practice suggestions by adding Secondary User Roles as needed for your unique operation.

If your R365 subscription includes approval Workflows, check out this example of how using workflows will save you time and keep Users focused by entering and approving the appropriate transactions.

Next Steps

  • Set a routine to knock out the daily list by assigning the tasks to Users in your Organization then follow up to ensure their timely completion
  • Use the links on the DWM Checklist if you get stuck
  • Review User Setups and Report Roles and tweak as needed
  • Begin including the suggested reports in your review routine
  • Explore Workflows for a seamless course of approvals

Check out the next article in this series for a dive into weekly tasks and reports.