The goal of this article series is to equip you with the skills and routine to maintain your instance, inform your team, and streamline processes with the DWM Checklist. Because great healthy habits are established, you are truly utilizing what R365, as an all-in-one solution, has to offer.

By accomplishing the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks at the prescribed cadence, you benefit by being able to:

  • Successfully complete a timely period close
  • Accurately state your COGS
  • Dive into purchasing details to hold Vendors and Managers accountable
  • Set up and send reports automatically via subscription to your team
  • Diagnose and correct errors in transactions and item setup
  • And most importantly, clearly view each Location's up-to-date profitability

The foundation has been laid and we will begin taking a deeper dive into analyzing and maintaining your data with forecasting, more reports, and best practices throughout the next quarter. We are excited to start the next phase with you!