Congratulations on completing implementation! Restaurant365's VP of Customer Success, Kris Sundberg, has a quick message on how we are going to help your restaurant business thrive.

To ensure you stay successful and are maintaining your instance correctly, you will receive content from us every few weeks. We will start with the tasks you will need to complete on a regular cadence to help build healthy habits. Then, we will suggest tips and tricks, best practices, insightful reports, and extra features once you have conquered the basics.

To get us started, download the DWM Checklist and matching spreadsheet to customize and assign members of your organization their duties. You and/or your team was trained on these same tasks during implementation, but if you haven't already saved this checklist and started using it daily, you should take the time to do that now! This will be the foundation of the topics presented over the next few weeks, which are centered around building great habits. Check out the roadmap below to look ahead at our goals and content for the next four quarters.

Additionally, do not forget about all the great resources available – in-app videos in the R365 Academy, contextual Help Menus in the Smart Ops Release, articles and FAQs in the Support Center, relevant blog posts, the R365 Community, monthly continuing education webinars, and our Support Team, which you can reach via chat or ticket.

Next Steps

Check out the next article in this series for a dive into Daily Tasks and Reports.