Review the Accounting Do's and Don'ts to help you stay successful with Accounting in R365!

Daily Sales Summary


  • Do set your Payroll JE ending date to match the header date to ensure clearing accruals to zero in the GL Detail
    • Note: This is based on whether cash or accrual-based Accounting practices are being used for Payroll
  • Do check that accruals have been cleared upon approving each Payroll JE to prevent a growing balance of uncleared accruals

Bank Activity

Period End

  • Do close your periods after each period is reconciled and adjusted
  • Don't post transactions to closed periods

GL Accounts

  • Don't use Due To/Due From, AP, AR, Undeposited Funds, or Retained Earnings GL Accounts for line-item transactions or make them a Parent Account of any other GL Accounts
  • Don't post JEs to Retained Earnings because R365 will automatically move Net Income to Retained Earnings on the first day of a new Fiscal Year
  • Do use Invoices, Payments, and Credit Memos for all AP/AR Transactions