The Click and Easy guide outlines daily and pay period tasks to ensure consistent and accurate Workforce payroll. 

Article Topics:

CLICK - Daily Tasks

Clock Out

Ensure everyone has clocked in and clocked out when they should. Correct any missed punches.

If Punch Edits is enabled, employee punches must be corrected in the DSS.


Look at each employee's labor punches and ensure that they are correctly coded:
  • Job Title
  • Pay Rate

If Punch Edits is enabled, job titles and pay rates must be corrected in the DSS.


Identify and add new employees.
Ensure onboarding is understood by new employees. 


Maintain changes to Employee Records:

Note: Employees can update their direct deposit information and tax forms in the My Pay section of the R365 Mobile App.

Key Players

Share trends and important information with key players to establish and maintain healthy processes. 

EASY - Pay Period Tasks


For each Pay Run, review the following for accuracy:
  • Correct Hours
  • Job Titles
  • Pay Rates
Learn more about reviewing payroll here


Add One-Time Payments:
  • Pay Adjustments
  • Bonuses
  • Tips
  • Reimbursements

Submit Then Separate

Submit the finalized payroll.

Separate employees who are no longer active. 

You're Done

Finalize payroll and relax, knowing that all the hard work has been done daily instead of frantically at the last minute.

This article was re-written in December 2023. View the original Payroll Daily/Weekly/Monthly Task article here