We offer access to an FTP site as an optional way to help you manage various aspects of your database:

Currently, R365 stores your FTP site credentials internally and provides them to you during setup. If you lose track of them, you can access the email in which we initially provided the data.

If you've lost track of your email or we provided the credentials to someone else in your organization that you can't identify, simply create a ticket and fill out the fields as follows:

Subject"FTP Credentials"
Databasethe portion of your database URL between "https://" and "restaurant365.com"
CategoryVendor Integrations, Bank Activity, Docs to Process
Descriptionsimply explain that you've lost track of your credentials and need a reminder

We'll be happy to help you!

If you don't yet have an FTP site and would like to request one, submit a ticket just like the one above, but make the following modifications:

Subject"FTP Site Setup Request"
Descriptionlet us know that you'd like to set up an FTP site

We'll reply requesting additional information and get you on your way.