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Till Management enables Users to view the tills that are currently open as well as enter in actual cash amounts and compare those to their expected cash on hand. These amounts are based on the transactions entered in the POS that are marked as paid in cash. Every 15 minutes, R365 will poll the current till data from the POS so that Managers can count and enter in actual cash for closed tills throughout the day.

To ensure cash amounts are within an allowable variance, Admin Users can set till, deposit, and daily deposit thresholds from the Till Management Settings. Over/short amounts that are outside of the set variance threshold will be displayed in red to alert Users of a potential counting issue. Additional alerts are listed throughout the Till Management page to ensure all entries are accurately entered and all tasks are completed.

Deposit slips that are completed in Till Management will then be updated on its corresponding unapproved Daily Sales form.

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Till Management can be enabled for databases that utilize any of the following POS Systems:

  • Brink
  • Qu
  • Sicom
  • Toast
  • Xpient

 Once enabled, open one of the Location records that will utilize this feature.

On the 'POS Integration Settings' tab, check the Till Management box and then save the Location record to enable Till Management for this Location. 

Repeat this step for all Locations that will use Till Management.


The Permissions listed here are associated with Till Management. These Permissions can be added to Custom User Roles or single Users. Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here.

Till Management Permissions are found in the Permission Tree as follows:

  • Sales & Cash
    • Cash Management
      • Tills
        • View Tills
        • Count/Edit Tills
        • Create Manual Tills
        • Assign Tills
        • Complete Till Deposits
        • Unlock Till Deposits

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned.

Learn more about User Setup and Security here.

To open the Till Management page, first navigate to either the Operations module or the Scheduling module and click 'Smart Operations NEW!'. This will load the Smart Ops Home page.

  • Note: Users with the 'Restaurant Manager' or 'Scheduler' Primary Security Role will be automatically directed to the Home page upon logging into the system.

When the window opens, open the left navigation pane and then click 'Cash' under the 'Sales & Forecasting' to open the Till Management page.

Till Management Page

The Till Management page is where current and previous tills can be viewed and updated as well as where till amounts can be added to a deposit slip and validated. Users can update available settings as well as view the completion of tab checkpoints from this page.

1) Location Selector - This includes a listing of all Locations with Till Management enabled. Review the 'Prerequisites' section above to learn how to enable Till Management for a Location

2) Till Management Settings - The allowable variance thresholds set for tills, deposits, and daily deposits. These can be entered as a percentage or dollar amount. Click here to learn more about Till Management Settings

3) 'Tills' Tab - A listing of all open and closed tills for the selected Location (#1) and day (#5). From this tab, Users can enter in till actual amounts and complete deposit slips

4) 'Deposits' Tab - A listing of all deposit slips for the selected Location and date range, as shown below. The date range selector on this tab includes the following date range options:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Custom Date

5) Day Selector - The day associated with the listed tills. This selector has three options:

  • Today (default)
  • Yesterday
  • Custom Date - Choose a date in the last 30 days
    • Note: When selecting a custom date, dates marked with a red dothave not been completed and have tills that have not been added to a deposit slip.

6) Tab Description - This will provide a brief description of the selected tab as well as the actions that should be completed on that tab

7) Last Update Time - The last time this page was updated

8) Progress Tracker - The progress made for each tab. As these checkpoints are completed, a blue checkmarkwill be displayed next to each checkpoint, but until then, a gray 'x' iconwill be displayed to show which checkpoints still need to be completed.

Till Management: Variance Thresholds

From the Till Management Settings, Admin Users can set allowable threshold variances for over/short amounts. Click here to learn more about Till Management Settings.

Till Management: Enter Actual Cash Amounts

Update closed tills by entering in their actual cash amounts. This will then calculate the over/short amount based on the expected cash amount, as noted from the POS. Users can also review a Till's Transaction details. Click here to learn how to enter till cash amounts and view Till Details.

Till Management: Complete Deposit Slips

Tills that are updated to include their actual cash amounts can then be added to a deposit slip. Once all tills are added, deposit slips can be marked as 'Completed' and sent to the 'Deposits' tab. Click here to learn more about completing deposit slips.

Till Management: Validate Deposit Slips

Completed deposit slips will be listed on the 'Deposits' tab of the Till Management page. These slips should be reviewed and then finalized by uploading an image of the actual bank deposit slip and confirming that the amount deposited and the actual cash amount listed in R365 match. Click here to learn how to validate deposit slips.