In this phase, you will be finalizing period-end in your legacy system and recording all transactions dated post-Go Live in R365 moving forward.


  • Ending balances in legacy system match starting balances in R365
    • As of one day prior to Go Live (e.g., November 30th if live on December 1st) 
  • Bring over starting balances
    • Open AP and AR Transactions from your legacy system
      • When: Before you need to cut checks and when the transactions are finalized
    • Uncleared Bank Transactions from your legacy system
      • When the last bank reconciliation is finalized in your legacy system
    • GL History
  • Begin following DWM tasks to maintain transactions in R365
  • Understand Beginning Balance Inventory Count process in preparation for the first count completion (if applicable)

What to prepare for next?

  • Closing current period in your legacy system

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