This article reviews creating an Employee Record within Workforce. 

Employee Records for new employees can be created when the employee is hired, before the employee starts work. Creating the Employee Record before their information is picked up from the POS allows the employee to be onboarded to payroll so that they can begin the onboarding process. 


When an employee is entered into the POS, their information will be polled into R365 at the end of the night with the Daily Sales Summary, and an Employee Record will automatically be created for them. If an Employee Record has already been manually created, this automatic Employee Record will need to be merged with the existing Employee Record. Learn about merging Employee Records here

Employee Records are created on the Employees page

Creating an Employee Record

Follow these steps to manually create an Employee Record:

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Click the +Create button in the top right corner of the Employees page.

A 'New Employee Record' sidesheet will then open with multiple tabs to be filled out with the new employee's information.

On the Basic Info tab, enter employee details for required fields:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Personal Email

On the Employment tab, enter employee details for required fields:
  • Hire Date
  • Employment Type
  • FLSA Status
  • Primary Location
  • Status

Review all tabs and enter any additional employee details (optional):

Note: When initially creating an Employee Record, the Jobs section of the Employment Info tab will not be present. Upon saving, return and update the Jobs section.

Note: The following tabs will not be present until the employee has been onboarded to payroll:
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Documents

Click Save.

Exclude from Payroll

If the employee being added will not be used for payroll, they can be excluded from payroll. Excluding an employee from payroll will reduce the required fields to only First Name and Personal Email. 

This setting is found on the Basic Info tab in the Access section. 

Important Note: The employee must be onboarded to payroll in order to be paid through payroll. Excluded employees cannot be onboarded to payroll until this setting is removed and the required fields are completed.