Entree Forecasting is primarily used in Labor Forecasting. Forecasting by Entrée (rather than sales dollar) provides a productivity measure (Entrees Per Labor Hour - EPLH) that can be used across Locations regardless of differences in sales volume, seasonality, or Menu Item price variability. Using Entrees as the Forecast metric instead of Sales shifts the focus from measuring productivity by Labor Percent or Sales Per Labor Hour to a more universal metric. This can help to provide insight into how well the team is scheduling the labor required to meet guests' needs while not compromising quality of service.

While the term 'Entree' is used to indicate the Forecast method, Menu Items of all sizes can be assigned an Entree Multiplier, not just traditional plated meals. For example, appetizers may account for 0.25 of an entrée. This provides flexibility for assigning a fraction of an entree to Menu Items that require little to no labor, such as a bottle of beer, and multipliers greater than one for entrees that serve more than one guest, such as Fajitas for 4.

Restaurant365 uses Menu Item Categories to assign Entree Multipliers to each Menu Item. By using R365 Menu Item Categories, Menu Items can be categorized differently than how they may be grouped for Sales Categories in the POS System. All Items within a Category will share the same Entrée Multiplier, resolving the need to assign Multipliers to each Menu Item individually.

When an Hourly Forecast is generated with Entree Forecasting, Restaurant365 calculates an 'Entree Multiplier Per Dollar' estimate for each hour based on the historical average 'Entree Multiplier Per Dollar' sold the previous year. The 'Entree Multiplier Per Dollar' estimate is then applied to the Forecasted Sales amount to generate the Forecasted Entrees for the hour.  

This article reviews:

Entree Forecast Setup

Menu Item Categories

To utilize Entree Forecasts, at least one Menu Item Category must be configured as an 'Entree Category'. Any of the three levels of Menu Item Categories can be configured as an Entree Category. Frequently, Menu Item Categories 2 and 3 are used as Entree Categories because the level 1 Menu Item Category is too broad to be given a single Entree Modifier. 

Important Note: If a menu item has multiple menu item categories assigned that each have an assigned entree multiplier, the entree forecasting calculations will utilize the entree multiplier of the most specific menu item category. The menu item categories, in order of specificity are as follows:

  • Menu Item Category 3
  • Menu Item Category 2
  • Menu Item Category 1

To add an Entree Multiplier to a Menu Item Category, toggle the 'Entree Category' toggle switch, enter a 'Multiplier', then save the record. 

As many Menu Item Categories as needed can be configured as Entree Categories. 

  • Note: Menu Item Categories will not impact Sales Category reporting generated from the POS system.

Any Menu Item assigned to a Menu Item Category with an Entree Multiplier will be included in 'Entree Per Hour' calculations. 

Tips and Tricks

The Entree Modifiers for all Menu Item Categories can be quickly viewed on the Menu Item Categories page by showing the 'Entree Multiplier' column

Variable Labor Matrix

The Variable Labor sub-tab is found on the 'Labor Matrix' tab of the 'Admin' page

To configure the Variable Labor Matrix for Entrees, set the 'Suggested Hours' setting to 'By Entree'. 


The 'Default Labor Matrix' will then change from being Dollar Ranges to being Entree Ranges. Enter the appropriate ranges and save the configuration. Learn more about creating, editing, and saving the Labor Matrix here

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Hourly Entree Forecast

Once the Variable Labor Matrix is configured to be calculated 'By Entree', expected hourly Entrees will be automatically calculated when the the Hourly Forecast is generated. 

The process for creating and editing the Hourly Forecast with Entrees is the same as Forecasting only Sales. Learn more about creating and editing the Hourly Forecast here

  • Note: The Entree Forecast cannot be directly edited. Since the Entree Forecast is created based on a calculated 'Entree Multiplier Per Dollar' applied to the Forecasted Sales, any changes to the Sales amounts will re-calculate the Entree Forecast automatically based on the Variable Labor Matrix settings for the Location.

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Entree Forecast in Scheduling

The Entree Forecast can be viewed in the Scheduling module when 'Advanced Metrics' is turned on from the settings menu. 

Daily Forecasted Entrees and daily Entree per Labor Hour (EPLH) can be viewed for each day when viewing the weekly Schedule. 

Hourly Forecasted Entrees and hourly Entrees per Labor Hour (EPLH) can be viewed for each hour wen viewing the daily Schedule. 

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