Notifications alert Users of information that may need their attention. Users will be notified via the Notification WindowR365 Red Appemail, and/or text message.  

The R365 Red App Notification screen displays all of a User’s read and unread Notifications. By tapping on a Notification, the associated R365 Red App screen will be opened for the User to review the information and/or take action.

Users can adjust Notification-specific delivery preferences in the Notification Center via web browser. 

Learn more about specific Notifications here


Notifications can be viewed by tapping the bell icon  in the top-right corner of the screen.

When unread Notifications are available, the bell icon will indicate the number of unread Notifications in a red oval.

Notifications Screen

1) Close - Tap to close the Notifications screen

2) Notifications Menu - Tap to open the Notifications menu, which contains the following options:

3) Notification Detail - Displays the Notification information

  • Tap the Notification Detail to mark it as read and open the associated R365 Red App screen to review the information and/or take action.
  • Swipe left to mark a notification as read or to delete the notification

4) Notification Menu - Contains Notification-specific options:

  • Mark as Read - Tap to mark the Notification as read