This feature is part of Log Entries for Smart Ops.

Clicking on an attachment from a Log Entry will open the Attachment Viewer. Here, Users can view, delete, or download the attachments associated with the Log Entry.  


The Attachment Viewer can be opened by clicking on any attachment associated with a Log Entry. Once open, all of the attachments for that Log Entry will be viewable from the Attachment Viewer. 

Creating a New Log Entry

Viewing a Saved Log Entry


Attachment Viewer

1) File Information - Displays file-specific information, including: File Name, upload date and time, and file size

2) Delete - Click to delete the selected attachment

  • Note: This button is only displayed for Users who have permission to edit the Log Entry

3) Download - Click to download the selected attachment

4) Close - Click to close the Attachment Viewer and return to the Log Entry

5) Previous Attachment - Click to view the previous attachment

6) Attachment - Displays the selected attachment. Supported formats include:

  • Images - png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, jpe, svg
  • Video - mp4, mov, wmv
  • Audio - m4a, mp3, wav

  • Note: Animated gifs and video files will play automatically.  
  • Note: Unsupported formats will only display the file type icon

7) Next Attachment - Click to view the next attachment

8) Attachment Thumbnails - Thumbnails for all attachments associated with the Log Entry. Click to view the attachment