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Through R365 Messaging, Employees can send messages to each other about shift updates, trading shifts, and more without disclosing any personal phone numbers. 

Note: Only Users who have 'App Access' checked on their Employee Record will be able to use this feature.

Enable or Disable R365 Messaging for a Location

To enable R365 Messaging for a Location, navigate to that restaurant's Location Record, then click the 'Enable R365 Messaging' checkbox.

Messaging can be disabled for a Location by returning back to the desired Location Record and unchecking the 'Enable R365 Messaging' checkbox.

Disable R365 Messaging for an Employee

When Messaging is enabled for a Location, all Employees for that Location will have the R365 Messaging checkbox on their Employee Record. From here, users can enable R365 messaging. However, if an Employee wants to be removed from Messaging, or if the Employee is banned due to inappropriate messaging, their individual access can be disabled.

Smart Ops Employee Record

Follow these steps to disable Messaging for an Employee:

  1. Navigate to the Employees page
  2. Click on the desired Employee to open the Employee Record sidesheet
  3. Click on the 'Basic Info' tab
  4. Uncheck the 'R365 Messaging' checkbox within the 'Contact Info' section
  5. Save the Employee Record

Classic Employee Record

Navigate to and open the desired Employee Record from the Employees listing. On the 'General' tab, check 'No' for 'R365 Messaging'.