Payment Runs can be managed using the R365 Red App. Users can view, modify, and approve Payment Runs to generate payments. To access this feature, Payment Run Approvals must be enabled.

To learn about managing Payment Runs via web browser, click here. 

This article covers the following topics:


Users with at least ONE of the following Permissions will be able to view the AP Approvals screen:

  • Accounts Payable → AP Invoices → Approve AP Invoices 
  • General Ledger → Journal Entries → Approve AP Journal Entries 
  • Accounts Payable → AP Payment Runs → Approve AP Payment Runs 
  • Food → AP Invoices → Approve AP Invoices

However, only Users with the 'Approve AP Payment Runs' permission can Approve Payment Runs.

Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned. Learn more about User Setup and Security here.

Open Payment Runs by logging into the R365 Red App, tapping the menu icon, then tapping 'Accounts Payable' and selecting 'AP Approvals'. From the AP Approvals Dashboard, select Payment Runs.

Payment Runs Screen

1) My Approvals - All unapproved transactions assigned to the User and waiting for approval. When reviewing any of the Approvals lists, the User's profile icon will appear next to the transactions assigned to the User

  • Note: 'My Approvals' will only populate if Workflows in enabled for the database.

2) Overdue - All unapproved transactions waiting for approval beyond their due date

3) Due Today - All unapproved transactions that have an approval due date of the current day

4) This Week - All unapproved transactions that have an approval due date over the next 7 days

5) Unapproved -  All unapproved Payment Runs

6) Approved - All approved Payment Runs

7) Filter Menu- Open the filter menu to sort Payment Runs by

  • Location
  • Date Range
  • Bank Account

8) Payment Run - Shows all Payment Run details:

  • Name/Identification
  • Account 
  • Date
  • Amount
  • Location
  • Type

9) Upload - This shortcut opens the document upload prompt. Click here to learn more about uploading documents via the R365 Red App

Approving Payment Runs 

On the AP Approvals - Payment Runs page, tap an individual Payment Run to open the Payment Run details. The Payment Run allows Users to toggle between the 'Vendors' list and 'Basic Info.' Users can choose to remove invoices before tapping 'Save' or 'Approve.' 

Tapping 'Approve' will approve the Payment Run.

1) Vendors - Tap to show the list of Vendors screen. 

2) Basic Info - Tap to view information about the Payment Run including:

  • Bank Account
  • Location
  • Payment Date
  • Status
  • Notes

3) Filter Menu - Tap to filter by Vendor 

4) Balance Before/After - Shows balances before and after the Payment Run based on the invoices selected 

5) Add a Note - Tap to add a note about the Payment Run

6) Vendor List - Shows the list of Vendors and payment amounts for that specific Payment Run. Tap the Vendor toggle to include or exclude a Vendor from the Payment Run. Tap the Vendor entry to view the individual invoices associated with a specific Vendor

Invoice List 

Tapping a Vendor from the Vendor List will take Users to the Invoices screen. The list of Invoices can be modified before approving a Payment Run. 

1) Balance Before/After - Shows balance before and after Payment Run. This will change as invoices are toggled on or off

2) Invoice Toggle - Tap the toggle to include or exclude an Invoice from the Payment Run

3) Expand Arrow - Tap the arrows to expand the information on the Invoice. Each invoice shows:

  • Invoice amount 
  • Invoice type (i.e. Auto Direct Debit)
  • Priority 
  • Location 
  • Due Date 
  • View Invoice option

4) View Invoice -  Tap to view the AP Invoice 

5) Done - Tap to finish modifications and return to Vendor List