This article is part of R365 Payments. Scheduled Payments allows Users to schedule a Payment in advance. 

Typically, when creating a Payment Run, Payments are  manually activated the day that the Payment must be submitted. With Scheduled Payments, Users can schedule Payments in advance so that no manual work is needed on the day that the payment is due.

Note: Scheduled Payments is only available for customers whose R365 Payments feature was enabled after February 2022. 


Scheduling a Payment Run can be done from the Check Run page. 

Scheduling a Payment Run

The Check Run form should be filled out as a standard Payment Run. 

To create a Scheduled payment, follow these steps:

  1. When selecting a Payment Date, select a future date. 


  2. The present date appears at the bottom of the calendar. When a Payment Date is selected, a red circle will appear over the selection.  

  3. Click 'Create Payments.' 

  4. Once 'Create Payments' is clicked, Users will be prompted to confirm that the selected Payment Date is a future date. 


  5. The Check Run can then be send to R365 Payments. The Scheduled Payment will then be submitted for processing.

When the payment date arrives, the payment will automatically be sent to R365 Payments at 8am CST. 

Until the scheduled payment date, all Scheduled Payment Runs will have a status of 'Scheduled' as their payment status. 

Cancelling and Rescheduling a Scheduled Payment Run

Users can choose to cancel or reschedule a Scheduled Payment Run.