This article addresses scheduling payments with R365 Payments

With R365 Payments, users can schedule a payment run in advance to ensure that vendors are paid on time. Schedules payments can also help streamline processes and optimize workflow because no manual work is needed on the day payment is due.

Note: Payment run scheduling is only available for customers whose R365 Payments feature was enabled after February 2022. 

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  1. In the top ribbon, select Vendor.
  2. From the resulting drop-down, select Payment Run.
    The Payment Run page appears. 

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Scheduling a payment run

Begin by accessing the Payment Run page and completing the form as with a normal payment run.

Click here for more information about the form.

When selecting the Payment Date, select a future date.

Today's date appears at the bottom of the calendar menu. The selected date is indicated by a red circle

Select Create Payments.
A message appears prompting the user to confirm that the Payment Date is a future date.

Select Confirm to approve the selected Payment Date.
In the Payments Created window, select Send to R365 Payments to submit the payment for processing.

The transaction appears on the AP Transactions page with an R365 Payment Status of Scheduled.

When the selected Payment Date arrives, the payment will be automatically processed and sent to R365 Payments at 8:00 AM CST.

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Cancelling and rescheduling a scheduled payment run

Users can choose to cancel or reschedule a scheduled Payment Run.

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