This article covers the Time tab, which is part of Employee Records in Smart Ops

The Time tab consists of the Punches section, which shows all the detailed Labor Punches (when this Employee has clocked in and out of the POS and at which Location(s)).

Punches Section

1) Search - Filters the list for Punch Records that contain the entered search term in any column.


2) Filter - Click to filter any of the available columns 

  • To add a new filter - Click '+Add Filter' to add a new filter and enter the filter parameters. 
  • To remove a filter - Click the trashcan icon associated with the filter, or click 'Clear All' to clear all filters.  
  • To apply filters - Click 'Apply' to apply the filters to the Punch List.

3) Columns - Click to show or hide the following columns:

  • Job Title - Title of the Job associated with the Punch
  • Location Name - Name of the Location associated with the Punch
  • Start Time - Start Time and Date of the Punch
  • End Time - End Time and Date of the Punch
  • Hours - Total Hours for the Punch