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Note: Once a new Employee is entered into the POS, their information will be polled into R365 at the end of the night with the Daily Sales Summary. Therefore, there are only rare circumstances when an Employee Record would need to be manually created. Consult with your Coach/CSM or R365 Support before manually creating an Employee Record.

Creating an Employee Record


To manually create an Employee Record, click the '+ Create' button in the top-right corner of the Employees page


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A 'New Employee Record' sidesheet will then open with multiple tabs that should be filled out with new Employee information.

  • Note: When initially creating an Employee Record, the 'Jobs' section of the 'Employment Info' tab will not be present. Upon saving, return and update the 'Jobs' section.

New Employee Record Header

The header of the New Employee Record form includes the following action items:

  • - This will open a new form to create another Employee Record when this Employee Record is saved.
  •  - This will save the Employee Record
  •  - This will enable the User to upload files to the Employee Record
  •  - This will open the Help Menu
  •   - This will expand the sidesheet to fullscreen; clicking the minimizing icon that appears in its place will return it back to its original size
  •  - This will close the sidesheet without saving any changes made

Required Fields

It is recommended to enter as much information as possible for the Employee when creating the Employee Record. However, only the 'First Name' and 'Personal Email' on the 'Basic Info' tab are required in order to save the Employee Record. 

Learn more about the tabs and sections of the Smart Ops Employee Records here