Scheduled Payment Runs can be rescheduled for a different date. 

Note: Individual payments cannot be rescheduled. Only the full Payment Run can be rescheduled. To reschedule an individual payment, the payment must be cancelled and recreated.  

Rescheduling can be done from the Payment Run Record side sheet, which can be opened from the AP Center or the Payment Run Page.

Follow these steps to Reschedule a Payment Run:

  1. Navigate to either the Payment Runs page or the Payment Runs tab of the AP Center.

  2. Select the Scheduled Payment that needs to be rescheduled. This will open the Payment Run side sheet.

  3. Scheduled Payments will have have the option to 'Reschedule Payments.' Click 'Reschedule Payments.'

  4. A pop-up calendar will appear. Select the new date for the Payment and click 'OK.' 
    • Note: Discounted payments cannot be rescheduled if the new date would nullify the discount.
    • Note: Payments cannot be rescheduled to Closed Periods. Closed Periods will be unavailable to be selected.

  5. Users will be prompted to confirm the action. Click 'Reschedule' to confirm the rescheduled date.

The new date will now be shown as the Payment Date for the Scheduled Payment. When the payment date arrives, the payment will automatically be sent to R365 Payments at 8am CST. 

Cancelling a Scheduled Payment 

Users can also cancel a Scheduled Payment. To learn about how to cancel a Scheduled Payment, click here.