If a user needs to change the date of a scheduled payment, rather than cancelling and recreating the payment, they can reschedule the Payment Run for a different date. 

Note: Individual payments cannot be rescheduled. Only the full Payment Run can be rescheduled. To reschedule an individual payment, the payment must be cancelled and recreated.  

Rescheduling can be done from the Payment Run side sheet, which can be accessed from either the AP Center or Payment Runs.

In the Accounts Payable section of the left navigation menu, select Payment Runs.
The Payment Runs page appears.

Tip: Payment Runs can also be accessed by selecting the Payment Runs tab in AP Center.

Select the payment that needs to be rescheduled.
The Payment Run side sheet opens.

In the Payment Run side sheet, select Reschedule Payments.
A calendar menu appears.
Using the calendar menu, choose a new date for the payment and select OK to confirm the selected date.

Note: Discounted payments cannot be rescheduled if the new date would nullify the discount.

Note: Payments cannot be rescheduled to Closed Periods. Closed Periods will be unavailable to be selected.

In the resulting prompt, select Reschedule to confirm.
The new date appears as the Payment Date for the scheduled payment.

When the selected Payment Date arrives, the payment will be automatically processed and sent to R365 Payments at 8:00 AM CST.

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