This article reviews the Summary tab on Workforce Employee Records

The Summary tab contains quick reference information for the employee. If workflow approvals have been configured for employees, the Requests section allows users to review and approve changes to the Employee Record.

Summary Tab Sections

Quick Info

The Quick Info section provides a summary of key information for the employee pulled from the Basic Info and Employment tabs of their Employee Record.

Field TitleAboutTab / Section
Primary Reports ToThe manager of the employee, defined in the 'Reports To' field for the employee's primary job.Employment / Jobs
StatusPayroll status of the employee.Employment / Employment Info
Hire DateHire date of the employee.Employment / Employment Info
Work EmailWork-provided email address for the employee.Employment / Employment Info
Work PhoneWork-provided phone number for the employee.Employment / Employment Info
Employment TypeFull-time or part-time employment type of the employee.Employment / Employment Info
Personal EmailThe employee's personal email address.Basic Info / Contact Info
Personal PhoneThe employee's personal phone number.Basic Info / Contact Info

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The Onboarding section is displayed for employees who are currently completing the onboarding process. This section displays a checklist of tasks that require attention from the employee.

  • Note: Admin users can also complete these tasks if the employee is unable to via the 'My Pay' section of the R365 Red Appand has provided paper documentation instead. Learn more about updating the associated sections of the Employee Record:

  • Note: Once the employee has completed onboarding, this section will be displayed for 7 additional days. Clicking 'Dismiss' will remove this section before the 7 days have passed. 

Onboarding Summary

Legal EntityLegal entity associated with the payroll company that the employee is being onboarded to.
Onboarding Status

Status of the onboarding:

Invitation Sent - The onboarding invitation was sent to the employee and has not been activated yet. The date that the invitation was sent is displayed.

In Progress - The employee has clicked the link within the onboarding invite, but has not completed all onboarding tasks.

Needs Attention - The employee has declined to consent to e-signature, and required forms must be completed on their Employee Record.

Complete - The employee has completed all onboarding tasks.

Action ButtonsThe action button displayed is dependent on the employee's onboarding status:

Invitation Sent, In Progress, or Needs Attention:
  • Resend Link - Click to resend the onboarding invite to the employee.

  • Dismiss - Click to remove the Onboarding section from the Summary tab.

About You

Indicates if the employee confirmed and completed the following:


  • SSN
  • Birthday
  • Pronouns (Optional)

Legal Name

  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Middle Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Indication of a Preferred Name


  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender


  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Preferred Contact Method


  • Street Address
  • Apartment
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Emergency Contact Info

  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Relation
  • Email
  • Phone Number


Indicates if the employee has reviewed and electronically signed onboarding paperwork, including their W4.

Displayed as the number of documents required to be signed and the number of documents already signed.

Get PaidIndicates if the employee has made their pay frequency and payment method elections.

Documents List

As the employee signs required documents, those documents will be listed below the Onboarding Summary. Each listing will display the document name and the date signed. 

Clicking the 'View' button will navigate to the 'Documents' tab, where the signed document can be viewed. Signed documents are stored in the 'Signed Documents' folder.

If the employee refuses to electronically sign the required documents, their onboarding manager will be notified and the employee's onboarding status will be changed to 'Needs Attention'. When this occurs, the required documents must be manually processed within the 'Signed Documents' folder on the 'Documents' tab. 

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If workflow approvals have been configured for Employee Records, the 'Requests' section will list change requests for this Employee Record that require approval. The specific fields within the Employee Record that require approval are configured on the Workflows Setup page

ApproveClick to approve the selected change requests. This button is disabled if no change requests are selected.
Smart Grid ControlsTable Views - Save/edit table views.
Filter - Filter column information.

Learn more about working with Smart Grids here.

Note: By default, 'Approved' change requests are filtered out. To view change requests with an 'Approved' status, adjust the filter for the 'Status' column to include 'Approved'.

Select CheckboxClick to select the associated change request.
ChangesFields that are being changed. Click to view the details of the change request.

Status of the change request:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Conflict

Submitted OnDate the change request was submitted.
Submitted ByThe user who generated the change request by editing the Employee Record.
Current ApproverCurrent user assigned to review and approve the change request.
Action Buttons

Click 'Approve' to approve the change request and apply it to the Employee Record; click 'Deny' to reject the change request. 

Note: These buttons are disabled for all users except users within the Workflow.


Click to delete a pending change request.

Note: Once a change request has been approved or denied, it can no longer be deleted, and this button will be disabled.

Best Practice
It is recommended to always 'Deny' change requests instead of deleting them. Denying a change request will still maintain an audit trail for that change request, but deleting a change request will remove it from the system entirely.

Request Details

Clicking on a change request will display the changes made to the Employee Record for review.

Pending Changes

When a change Request is pending approval, the edited field(s) will display their original values, be locked from further edits, and be indicated with a 'Change requested' tag. 

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