This article reviews the User Access Report on the Security and Permissions page. 

The User Access Report can be run to export a list of Users and all system access they have. This Report can be used for high-level auditing of comprehensive Use Access with options to include the following: 

  • User Roles Granted
  • Location Access
  • Reporting Access

When generated, User Access Reports are automatically downloaded as Microsoft Excel files. 



The User Access Report is located on the Audit Access tab of the Security and Permissions page. 

From the Audit Access tab, select 'User Access Report.'

Generating a User Access Report

To generate a User Access Report, follow these steps:

1) Select Users - Click the User dropdown menu to select which Users to include in the Report. Users have the option to 'Select All' or to only select specific Users.


2) Make Report Category Selections - Check the category selection checkboxes to select the information to include in the User Access Report. Users can select any or all of the following options:

  • User Roles 
  • Locations 
  • Report Roles 
  • Reports

3) Export - Click to generate and export the report

  • Note: Clicking 'Export' will immediately download the User Access Report as a Microsoft Excel file. 

Permissions Access Report

From the Audit Access tab, Users can also run the Permissions Access Report, which generates a list of Users with specific Permissions selected. Click here to Generate a Permissions Access Report.