The 'GL Export' tool allows Users to export Invoice Transactions or Inventory Transactions from one or more Locations for a selected date range. 

  • Note: The 'GL Account Detail - Export' can be used to export other information, including Sales and Inventory GL data.

  • Note:  R365 offers a QuickBooks Online integration to export directly to QBO if your organization is using both QuickBooks Online and R365 Stand-Alone Operations. Learn more about the Quickooks Online integration here.



Users with the following Permission will be able to use the GL Export Tool:

  • Administration → System Setup → Access GL Export Tool

Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here. The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned. Learn more about User Setup and Security here.


To access this tool, first navigate to Smart Ops. In the left navigation, click 'GL Export' under 'Admin' to open the GL Export tool. 


The 'GL Export' tool can also be found by clicking 'GL Export' under 'Administration' in the left navigation of the Accounting module.



GL Export


Follow these steps to export Invoice Transactions and/or Inventory Transactions:


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  1. Select the desired Locations via the 'Select Locations' drop-down menu
    • The search bar can be used to filter the Locations listed for only Locations whose names contain the entered text.

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  2. Select the desired date range


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    Best Practice

    The amount of time that the export file will take to generate is based on the number of transactions in the selected date range. To ensure that the export file does not time out while generating, limit the date range selected to a maximum of one month. 

  3. Select the transaction types to export

    Each transaction type will be exported in a separate file. Selecting both transaction types will produce two export files.

    • Invoices -Exports the following data points (if present) for Invoices from the selected Locations and date range:
      • Type
      • Number
      • Document Date
      • Due Date
      • Document Amount
      • Discount Date
      • Discount Amount
      • Comment
      • Vendor Number
      • Vendor Name
      • Receiving Location Name
      • Receiving Location Number
      • Billing Location Name
      • Billing Location Number
      • Account Number
      • Account Name
      • Amount
    • Inventory Transactions - Exports the following data points (if present) for Inventories from the selected Locations and date range:
      • Date
      • Number
      • Type
      • Comment
      • Account Number
      • Account Name
      • Credit
      • Debit
      • Location Number
      • Location Name

  4. Click 'Export'. This will generate the exports based on the selections above

  5. Clickto download all exports, or the download icon to download each export individually

  6. Click 'Close' to close the 'GL Export' tool