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In Q4 of 2022, Location Groups were updated with new functionality. This article reviews the Classic Location Groups. Please refer to the 'Location Groups' article to learn more about new Location Groups.

Location Groups allow you to create different sets of locations and then you can filter reports by those Location Groups instead of having to select locations one at a time on each report.


To create a new group follow these steps

  1. Open the Location Group window under Administration - Location Groups in the top ribbon
  2. Type the group name in the box above the Location Group Name grid and click 'Add'.  This will add the new location group to the list.
  3. Click the name in the list to show which locations are assigned to this group in the grid on the right hand side of the screen
  4. To add locations to this group, select them from the location dropdown just above the right hand location grid and click Add
  5. To remove locations from a group click the Delete button on the far right of the row in the Location grid
  6. To remove an entire group, click the Delete button on the row in the Location Group grid on the left hand side of the screen


There is no need to hit save during the process because this screen uses real-time saving meaning it saves each change as it happens.  You can add more groups by following the same steps again in the screen, and then close the window when you have finished.


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