The Items (classic) page is the Classic version of the Items list. This page lists all Purchased Item Records and Recipe Item Records. This page allows Users to update the costs for Purchased Items and create Purchased Item Records. 

1) Verify Item Setup - Click to refresh all Purchased Item Records, apply any changes to Units of Measure, and recalculate costs.


2) +Create - Click to Create a new Purchased Item Record.


3) View Actions - The following actions allow the User to change the List View:

  • View Dropdown - Click to switch between the current view and other saved grid views
  • Show/Hide Columns Dropdown -Click to select which Columns to show or hide from the grid
  • Save View - Click to save the current view of the grid
  • Clear Filter - Click to remove any filters that have been set
  • Clear Sort - Click to clear any sorts that have been set
  • Set Default - Click to set the current view as the default view
  • Export - Click this icon to export the current view to a .csv file
  • Refresh - Click to refresh the grid


4) Column Header - All the names of the columns are listed in this row. 

  • Note: Click the column header to change the sort of the list. 
  • Note: Click and drag the column header to rearrange the columns on the grid. 


5) Search - Use this field to type a name to search for specific Purchased Items or Recipe Items