The Commissary Orders page lists all Commissary Order Records. Learn more about Commissar Order Records here

1) +Create - Click to Create a new Commissary Order


2) View Actions - The following actions allow the User to change the List View:

  • View Dropdown - Click to switch between the current view and other saved grid views
  • Show/Hide Columns Dropdown -Click to select which Columns to show or hide from the grid
  • Save View - Click to save the current view of the grid
  • Clear Filter - Click to remove any filters that have been set
  • Clear Sort - Click to clear any sorts that have been set
  • Set Default - Click to set the current view as the default view
  • Edit Selected - Contains the following options:
    • Print Fulfilment Report
    • Print Packing Slip
    • Refresh Item List
    • Delete
  • Export - Click this icon to export the current view to a .csv file
  • Refresh - Click to refresh the grid


3) Column Header - All the names of the columns are listed in this row. 

  • Note: Click the column header to change the sort of the list. 
  • Note: Click and drag the column header to rearrange the columns on the grid. 


4) Search - Use this field to type a name to search for specific Purchased Items or Recipe Items