This article is part of the R365 Red App Daily Sales Summary feature. 

After reviewing the Labor step of the Daily Sales Summary, open the Deposits step to view any auto-imported Deposits from the POS and enter any additional Deposits for the DSS. 

Once the Deposits step is complete, Users should move on to review the daily Transactions.

Daily Deposits can also be reviewed via the web version of R365. In the web version, Users can also access the Till Management page. To read more about reviewing Summary Deposits in the web version of R365, click here

Deposit Details

1) Total Deposits Snapshot - This displays the Total Deposits and Over/Short amount for the day

  •  - This will be displayed when the Over/Short amount is between -$5.00 and $5.00
  • - This will be displayed when the Over/Short amount is outside the +/- $5.00 threshold

2) Petty Cash - Use these editable fields to edit the Petty Cash In and Out or Unpaid Cash Tips

3) Deposit Entry - To open an individual Deposit entry, tap the expansion arrow. This will display the Deposit form with the following fields:

  • Total Deposit
  • Bill Counter: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Total Cash: Total Coin and Total Check
  • Unpaid Cash Tips

4) + New Deposit  - Tap to add a new Deposit entry. This will open an additional Deposit and its corresponding fields

  • Note: Users can add up to 10 new Deposits

5) Upload - Tap to upload any necessary attachments or files